I Got Accepted!

Hi all

Boy it's been a crazy few weeks and my head hasn't stopped spinning. First I had the craft show which was nearly a sell out! Too bad I couldn't rush home and make more crafts (the drive was nearly 3 hrs away). :-) Then I made a special baby shower gift for my niece which everyone wants me to start selling on my site. Here it is: My diaper motorcyle:

I'm not much for doing this sort of thing but it was nice to create for my niece. So not that the shows are over I'm working on making some crafts to send off to about 3 shops. I usually have 5 shops a year but I cut down on them for now which was a good idea since I really don't have much left since my nearly sell out from the Richmond Show.

Now to the really surprising news...I got my crafts accepted into Keystone Wholesale Cash & Carry in Lancaster PA! I'm excited and scared at the same time because now my whole inventory will need to change up some. Plus I'm now a member of Great Rep.com which deals with wholesale as well! Each day I wake up and say WOW! god has blessed me and now I need to get my butt in gear. Any I just wanted to share my joy with you.

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