A Good Doll Day

Hi all,

Last night I stayed late putting the finish touches on my dolls and organizing my file cabinet which hasn't been touched since we moved into the house (a year ago). My usual routine is to just throw my papers or receipts in the cabinet and say to myself "I will get back to it later". Yet later never happens and then you start to look for things that you need and can't find a thing. Yes, shame on me because that is not the way a crafter should do things. Yet you ever get one of those days when your so busy creating that your paper work gets put on the back burner. Well this is me during the craft show season. :-)

Now that I'm nearly done with my crafts I can get back to being normal...or is there really a normal for us crafters?! I sure hope there is. :-) If not, today I'm offically calling today my Normal Day. My dolls are done except for some accessories and I found a bag of santa ornaments that should take no more than 2 hours to do. Then I can turn on my music, dance in my clean sewing room (which won't be for long) and enjoy my Normal Day.

Here are my dolls Before


Here are my santa ornies I found in sewing closet after I cleaned it out.


A Clean Craft Room ~~Not for Long!


There is nothing like a clean craft room to make me realize that my crafts had taken over my space. I had things everywhere and once I cleaned and organized it all; I found a gold mine of supplies. I have a bag filled with doll hair, cello bags, kraft shopping bags, candle molds, scraps of homespun (to make rag balls), large bag of accessories (candy corn, crows, pumpkins, watermelon pieces and more). First let me show you my Sewing/Craft Room Before & After:



So I proceed to organize the rest of the room and found that I'm low on homespun...Oh my...how did this happen. Here is my fabric and supply shelf:

Here is my bag of doll hair:

My closet is even cleaned out and that was a miracle in itself. lol I separated everything and have a bag for the things I used the most. I also threw out some old bottles of paint that had hardened up. :-)

So now that I have a clean sewing room I should have enough space to buy more fabric, supplies and other goodies. lol After all, a crafters life is not complete without muslin and fabric surrounding them. :-)


My Craft Show Preview

Good Evening Fellow Crafters,

I'm in a fall mood and have been creating loads of pumpkins and will be doing some witches too. This evening I'm finishing up my crafts for my craft show which is Oct 26,27 & 28th. Here are 4 totes filled with my goodies.

My space is only an 8x10 so I thought I would do a preview in my living room. I think I should have enough crafts but then I still feel I need more. lol

Doing this had showed me what I was missing and also gave me the idea to do some grubby tealight candles to cover any open spaces. Lucky I had enough living room space and of course hubby wasn't home to see it. lol