A Clean Craft Room ~~Not for Long!


There is nothing like a clean craft room to make me realize that my crafts had taken over my space. I had things everywhere and once I cleaned and organized it all; I found a gold mine of supplies. I have a bag filled with doll hair, cello bags, kraft shopping bags, candle molds, scraps of homespun (to make rag balls), large bag of accessories (candy corn, crows, pumpkins, watermelon pieces and more). First let me show you my Sewing/Craft Room Before & After:



So I proceed to organize the rest of the room and found that I'm low on homespun...Oh my...how did this happen. Here is my fabric and supply shelf:

Here is my bag of doll hair:

My closet is even cleaned out and that was a miracle in itself. lol I separated everything and have a bag for the things I used the most. I also threw out some old bottles of paint that had hardened up. :-)

So now that I have a clean sewing room I should have enough space to buy more fabric, supplies and other goodies. lol After all, a crafters life is not complete without muslin and fabric surrounding them. :-)


  1. congrats on a clean room ! seems like we have to clean our craft space to get any work done, I'm about to have stuff flying all over the place getting ready for a 2 day show & I've been organizing "instead of sewing" all week lol!

  2. Looks great! Now you can do mine! Lol!

  3. Looks great! Now you can do mine! Lol!