Break Time is Over!!

Hi all,
Boy did I take a long break! lol I guess I was enjoying myself over the holidays that I forgot I have a business to run and people to talk to. I sure did miss everyone and I have loads of catching up to do.
Each day I would walk pass my sewing room and say "I really need to get in there and clean it up". Then I head towards the TV and I'm hooked to whatever is on.
But today I finally walked into the room and started to look at what I need to clean. First I have to clear out my closet....Here is what it looks like now!
Not sure what's in these bags but I will find out. I see a few bags of cotton but that's not nearly enough to create anything. lol
I did pull out one bag and here is what I found inside...yep they are mini sleds. I'm sure they will come in handy. :-)
Once I finish the closet...my next project will be to clear out and organize my supply cabinet. Here is what it looks like now...I have 3 shelves filled with fabic and I know alot of it I really don't need so this means. Loads of giveaways. :-)

One thing I can say about being a crafter and business owner. Our work is never done! Well I better get started. I will keep you posted because I always believe that one person's crafts is another crafters dream! :-)

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