Organized and Ready

Hi all,
I finally got some organization in my sewing room and ready to start on some projects. So far I have three totes of what I call everyday crafts.
Here is the two totes (one with crafts for my website) the other (is everyday crafts) which is for spring next year.

Yep, I'm already thinking of spring and christmas isn't even here. But I think that's how it goes with everyone who is into crafting. We are like Santa...we never sleep. As for the crafts on top of the tote...not sure what I'm gonna do with them. Some are fall baskets and a santa in a sled idea which I can't remember the idea any longer. Darn old age.

I also found some bunnies and a basket of goodies I want to make for my sister. See those pieces of material between the bunny and basket; I think that's suppose to be cut outs for a bag holder. lol
This tote is full of unfinished dolls which I plan to get to after Thanksgiving.

Of course I still have 2 more totes in storage filled with crafts but I'm not gonna worry about that now. My main thing is to finish what I have here and then take a mini vacation until January....hopefully. :-)
At least I can say I got organized today! Right now I'm gonna run to market and get supper for hubby. I have a craving for stuffed pork chops, mash potatoes and gravy....yummy.

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