Advertising and Promoting Your Business

I always thought that advertising and promoting your business was easy but I will be the first to say....NOOOO it is a never ending struggle and sometimes it sucks! lol First I advertise on Yellow Pages.com which they claim is FREE. A few weeks later I get a call from an AT&T rep who states your ad isn't seen on the first page unless you advertise with them. So I say...What!! this is suppose to be FREE. The rep goes on to say how for $242 a month he can put me on the first page. Oh like I really have money to give away. Then I say....well no one will see me unless they click on Yellow pages.com so how is that helping me? Of course he goes on about how they are on google if someone types in certain words it will show them high up on the listing. Again that is all good but yet he failed to see that IF NO ONE clicks on Yellowpages.com....I won't be seen and $242 is high. Well he got it down to $142 a month and was insisting that without advertising with them...I won't be seen.....Yeah right!!! He doesn't know about the power of communities, friends, family, facebook and newsletter. And I didn't get orders from Texas, Australia and other states by just sitting on my butt! The nerve of him. So if you ever get a call from a AT&T rep....RUN!!!!

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