Too Many Jobs...Not enough of me

Yes, I'm a victim of having too many jobs. I have a full time job which pays the bills for my job that I love owning a craft shop. So I work one to help support the other. I pull myself in so many directions that I forget to take time relax....relax never because I have a goal to run my shop full time instead of just 3 times a week and on weekends.

To make a long story short...I found a building, cleaned it up and opened a handmade craft & gift shop. Yep and the grand opening was yesterday which was a great turn-out but by 5pm my body ached and I just wanted to go to sleep. If I had it my way I would have been in bed by 6:30pm. Yet I couldn't do this because I have a husband and a business both which require alot of time. So I get off at 5pm and come home to find that hubby is ready to go to a birthday party...my nephew. Darn! I totally forgot about it and lucky hubby picked up a card. So I stick some money in the card, take a pain pill, sit down for 5 minutes and then I'm up and ready to head out the door again.

Sister's house is about 25 minutes away so it's not too bad. We were suppose to just show our faces, hugs and best wishes then head back home. 3 hours later we are now driving home and I'm so tired that I start talking like I'm on some strange drug.
I say things like....today was a beauuutiful day. Hubby looks at me and said "How many drinks did you have?? But I only had a glass of wine and some chips.
Needless to say....there is just not enough of me to go around. :-)

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