Early Mornings

My early mornings start at 5am. Nope, I don't set my clock for this crazy time but hubby is up getting ready for work. Although he is quiet has a mouse I can never go back to sleep after he leaves. So each morning I go through the routine of watching him get up, close the door has not to disturb me, turn on the hall light (which I still see through the cracked door) which wasn't closed all the way. lol
Before proceeding downstairs, he comes into the room, sprays on his morning cologne and kisses me good-bye. And you know what...I wouldn't trade it in for the world....you can tell we are still living like honey-mooners. Married now for almost 7 months. :-)
After getting fresh and needing some coffee bad, I head towards the computer. Check emails, blog alittle and then start in my craft room. Today I plan on re-vamping my inventory and adding something different. First let's get rid of the old inventory that hasn't sold in 2 years. I'm a firm believer that if you tried selling an item and changed it around a few times and it still doesn't sell, then it won't. You have two choices: give it away has a freebie on your web-site or dismantle and try something else. I'm in a revamping stage so I grabbed my sissors and started cutting. I kept the doll bodies but everything else had to go. It took me a while to clean out that (30 gal) tote but I did it! I had one scarecrow and a snowman hat left. Once my decapitaion was completed, I now have 2 large bags of cotton, a handful of rusty bells and some buttons. Next step is to create some new dolls but first I need some coffee. Gotta run to duncan donuts! Can't have coffee without the sugar. lol
Tip for today: Waste Not Want Not--You can always reuse cotton. :-)
Here is a peek. lol

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