Hi all

I've been wanting to paint my sewing room for nearly 3 months now but can't seem to find the right color scheme for me. So I decided to organize a bit to see if some modivation will hit me. Thus far all I seem to have is a cleaner sewing room and this time I labeled things.

I got the idea to put my fabric on hangers by browsing through Pinterest! Here is what my sewing room looked like BEFORE:

I bought me a few clear plastic totes for about $2 at walmart and filled them with my rusty items, DMC Floss and my tea lights.

I wanted an easier way for me to choose my fabric so I decided to hang them up in my closet. It makes things so much faster to chose the colors and I also matched them up with another coordinating color.

Now my fabric is where I can reach it and I have more storage room on my shelf. Here is what it looks like now and it's labeled.

I'm loving how I can now find things without looking all over for it. If only finding the right color for my room was this easy. Oh well, I guess I have to look throught some more decorating books and search Pinterest again!

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  1. I am so with you there. I organized my sewing/crafting space some time ago and it feels so good. Now if I could only keep it that way :) If you want to see it go to: www.allinalittlepagsday.blogspot.com